Thin Turkish Delight with Apple and Pistachio

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Product description: Thin Turkish Delight with Apple and Pistachio will make you feel good and contribute to the regulation of your digestive system. It is an energy store because of the sugar and starch it contains. Delight with Apple and Pistachio will open a new door to your sweet sense of understanding. Besides being an energy store, it relaxes the body by providing ease of digestion when excessive food is consumed. It was seen as a source of healing by physicians who used natural treatment methods in the Ottoman period. After the Turkish delight was discovered in the 18th century, it was taken to Europe by a British traveler. When this traveler served the dessert to his guests, he named it Turkish Delight and became known after that. The reason being the most consumed in Turkey is not only sweet flavor, is beneficial to health. It is an exquisite product made from natural materials that you and your loved ones can consume with peace of mind. Please take your time to browse for our web shop’s unique all collections of Turkish gifts, Turkish food, Turkish drinks and more etc. This product and more can be ordered safely from grandbazaarist. ESTIMATED DELIVERY: Europe: 2-3 business days For U.S – Canada: 2-4 days For rest of the world: 2-5 days  

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