Turkish Iznik Tile Handmade Tulip Garden Ceramic Plate (D: 25cm)

Описание и характеристики

Product description: Tulip is one of the favorite flowers of the Turks. You can see many works in Turkish culture that are adorned with tulip patterns as architectural, literature, tile art, fabric. Turkish Iznik Tile Handmade Tulip Garden Ceramic Plate symbolizes a windy tulip garden that is depicted in the great form. It is prepared with navy blue, red, green and turquoise colors. Turkish Iznik Tile Handmade Tulip Garden Ceramic Plate is an intertwined and aesthetic work. Tulip motif is one of the most used motifs in Turkish tile art from past to present. Tulip motif is one of the most beautiful motifs that combine art and aesthetics. Many mosques, meanders, palaces, tombs and caravansaries were decorated with handmade tile art in the Ottoman and Seljuk period. Different kind of tulip motifs and patterns were used frequently in these works. If you are looking for different and authentic decorative pieces for your home or office, you should have this product. This unique tile that has traditional tulip patterns can be leaved from generation to generation. Please take your time to browse for our web shop’s unique all collections of Turkish gifts, Turkish food, Turkish drinks and more etc. About Product: This handcrafted plate is suitable for everyday using. Recommended to be washed by hand or use a damp cloth for cleaning. Do not wash in the dishwasher. The product was produced with safe materials and is suitable to put foods. The product is produced with a special glass technique. It was made at fire of about 800-1000 degrees Celsius. Shipped in a special wooden box, which coated velvet cloth. %100 Handcrafted production with Iznik Tile Art method. Diameter: 25cm This product and more can be ordered safely from www.grandbazaarist.com ESTIMATED DELIVERY: Europe: 2-3 business days For U.S – Canada: 2-4 days For rest of the world: 2-5 days

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