Koska Cocoa Halva

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Product description: Helva is one of the indispensables of Anatolian cuisine culture. During the 600-year Ottoman Empire, it has been a very popular and consumed dessert due to its nutritious and delicious food source. Koska Cocoa Halva is an exquisite dessert produced by combining traditional halva flavor with cocoa. It is incredibly beneficial to health. Halva gives fullness to the stomach, removes sputum, relaxes the stomach, prevents hair loss, is good for diseases such as psoriasis eczema, protects from infectious diseases due to the deposition in its content, is rich in calcium, does not contain cholesterol. With its intense vitamin B content, it is an energy store, very useful for children of growth age, athletes, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Koska Cocoa Halva brings the taste of traditional Turkish cuisine to your table. All you have to do is place an order. Make yourself and your loved ones happy with this unique flavor, order now. ESTIMATED DELIVERY: Europe: 2-3 business days For U.S – Canada: 2-4 days For rest of the world: 2-5 days

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