Turkish Hazelnut, Natural

Описание и характеристики

Product description: Hazelnut tree is more efficient in rainy environments. Turkish Hazelnut, Natural is produced with most fresh hazelnut which grows on North cities of the Turkey. It is often preferred to make broken nuts, cakes and sweets. Hazelnut is effective on bone health, good for muscular pains and cramps, it is an enemy of cancer, strengthens immunity, heart and vein is friendly, reduces the risk of diabetes, protects the health of the brain. Grows in Turkey. Package style: The four kind dimension packages contain as 100 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr and 1000 gr of Turkish Hazelnut, Natural. Storage conditions: Do not store in humid enviroment. Store in a cool and dry place. Turkish nuts must always be stored in sealed bags or small glass jars. Nutritional Values (For 100 g): 628 kcal Calories, Oil content 61 gr, Carbohydrate ratio 17 gr, Protein 15 gr, 4.7 mg of iron, Phosphorus 290 mg.

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