Pine Honey

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Product description: The unique taste of Balparmak Pine Honey will make you feel in the pine forests of the Aegean Region. It travels a long way from nature to your plate. The Marchelina Hellenica beetle lives in the Aegean pine forests and accumulates the sugary liquid from pine trees that it cannot digest. Honey bees collect these liquids and process them with the enzymes they secrete and turn them into honey on your plate. It does not contain any chemicals. Balparmak Pine Honey is completely natural. It has incredible health benefits. Balparmak Pine Honey will amaze you and your loved ones with its meticulously blended flavor. We suggest that you order immediately and meet this unique taste. Balparmak Pine Honey will make you and your loved ones happy. ESTIMATED DELIVERY: Europe: 2-3 business days For U.S – Canada: 2-4 days For rest of the world: 2-5 days  

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