Selamlique Cardamon Turkish Coffee Sachets Packs of 24

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Описание и характеристики

Product description: When called Turkish Delight, firstly criterias such as flavour and texture come to mind. Haci Bekir has a respectable experience that is coming from past in this regard. Turkish Delights are produced with most quality materials on Haci Bekir. And Haci Bekir Turkish Delight with Extra Pistachio also is produced most quality Pistachio. Turkish Delight has some quality criterias. For example; if powder sugar is dry over Delight, it means that Delight of good quality. And Pistachio's freshness and flavor are also the criterias for quality. It is a traditional Turkish product. Made in Turkey. Package style: Disposable sachet coffee containing ground coffee (7g) One package includes 24 coffe bags. Processing method: Sun dried in natural environment. Grinding method: The stone mill is milled in the traditional Turkish coffee consistency. Caffeine ratio: 1.2% Matching advice: Recommended after heavy and spicy meals. Product type: Arabica Country / Region: Brazil-Rio Minas Grinding type: Medium roasted Degree: Thin. Storage conditions: Keep it cool and dry.

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