Turkish Coffee Pot Set, 3 Pcs Copper

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  • Производитель: Fincanci


Описание и характеристики

Product description: Turkish Coffee Pot Set has three peaces sizes. The copper pots are made with forged copper. Ideal for those who like touse traditional gifts or original materials. And also Turkish Coffee Pot Set can be used as decorative. 100% hand made. The inside is tinned. Made in Turkey. Usage Feature: After washing the product wipe with dry cloth to avoid blackout. Do not wipe and wash with include chemical detergent. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Do not leave in a wet, humid and sunny environment. Materials: Copper About product: Your coffee must be fresh if want to prepare a good Turkish coffee. Later need Turkish Coffee Pot Set. And Coffee pot and Turkish coffee cup. The fact that the coffee pot is copper allows you to taste the best from coffee.

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