Selamlique Ground Turkish Coffee Box (125g)

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  • Производитель: Selamlique


Описание и характеристики

Product description: The coffee bean is actually the seed of the coffee plant. It is used as coffee when it is dried and roasted and ground. Takes almost three or four years for a coffee tree to give fruit. The coffee is processed immediately after collection. After the dried and peeled, making quality controls. From the behind this process, is passed to roasting process. And the last process is grinding. After the meticulously made processes, Selamlique Ground Turkish Coffee brings to your cup most fresh traditional Turkish Coffee. It is a traditional Turkish product. Made in Turkey. Package style: The package box contains 125 gr of Turkish Coffee. Processing method: Sun dried in natural environment. Grinding method: The stone mill is milled in the traditional Turkish coffee consistency. Caffeine ratio: 1.2% Product type: Arabica Country / Region: Brazil-Rio Minas Grinding type: Medium roasted Degree: Thin Storage conditions: Keep it cool and dry. DELIVERY TERMS: Europe: 1-2 business days For U.S – Canada: 2-3 days For rest of the world: 2-3 days

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